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Why Formkl?

The problems

Form is an essential module in any web application. It is used to collect data from users. There're so many ways to create a form, plus they come in different styles and the collected data has different structures.

Management applications tend to have a lot of forms for CRUD operations. The more forms you have, the more time you spend on creating them. And the more time you spend on creating them, the less time you spend on developing the core features of your application.

The solution

The Form marKup Language (Formkl) ecosystem is creating a new way that is fast, consistent, and easy way to create forms.

  • Extremely lightweight, no dependencies.
  • Provided a strong ecosystem, including renderers that suits your favourite UI frameworks.
  • Customizable themes, validation, and other features. You can add them once, and create forms across your application with just a few lines of code.
  • Easy to learn and use, and to be consistent and highly readable as natural language.

Released under the MIT License.