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Contribution guide


Supported Frameworks by Adapter

  • Vue 3
  • 🚧 React -- coming soon
  • 🚧 Universal (Web component) -- coming soon

Setup the project

The project is built as a pnpm workspaces, please install pnpm to start contributing.

More about pnpm, please refer to, if you don't have it, you can install it using npm from your terminal.

npm i -g pnpm

Then clone the repository and open the cloned directory with your code editor or IDE.

git clone

Install the workspace dependencies

pnpm -r i

Build all packages

pnpm build

Checkout the sandbox to experiment with the packages locally

pnpm -F ./sandbox dev

Project structure

These are the main packages in this project, include our core language parser, adapters, editor and utils

|-- docs
|-- packages
    |-- adapters
        |-- vue
        |-- ...coming soon...
    |-- editor
    |-- language
    |-- plugins
        |-- vue
        |-- ...coming soon...
    |-- shared
|-- sandbox

Released under the MIT License.