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Any language that is code would need a beautiful editor to be written on. And the editor should be able to:

  • ✨ Highlight the syntax
  • ✅ Auto complete the syntax
  • ❌ Show the syntax error at lines and columns

We use Codemirror 6 to build the editor. It is a very powerful editor that can be extended to support any language. It is also very easy to use.

But in our case, this is a brand new language and we need to build the syntax highlighter, auto complete and syntax error checker ourselves.

Syntax Highlighter

coming soon

Auto Complete

We use @codemirror/autocomplete to define a set of keyword and definitions for auto complete.

The code is located at packages/editor/src/extensions/autocomplete.ts

Syntax Error Checker

Error Checker or as known as Linter is a very important part of the editor. It helps the user to find the syntax error and fix it, @codemirror/lint is used for this.

We use our own FORMKL Parser to parse the syntax, it would be the correct syntax if it's parsed successfully. Otherwise, the parser will throw a syntax error.

The code is located at packages/editor/src/extensions/lint.ts.

Released under the MIT License.